Indian Railway to provide pass for bengal students Educational institutions opened, students will get ‘pass’ while traveling by train – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Local train movement has become normal a few days ago. The number of local trains has also been increased after getting the green signal from the state. Besides, school-college-university has been opened since yesterday. As a result, a large part of the students are traveling and will do so by pressing the train. And there a large part is becoming dependent on the train. Schools, colleges and universities are open from Tuesday. Ninth-twelfth grade students have to go to school.

The question has arisen as to whether the students have to buy train tickets to go to the educational institution after about twenty months. This is because, since the lockdown, various concessions have been stopped on the railways. Did that cop fall on the free pass of the students? Will they get free train pass? Because of the cowardly situation, all the passes of the railway have been closed.

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According to the railways, the students will get free pass in the same way as they used to get free pass. In this context, a railway official said, earlier the headmaster of the school and the principal of the college used to apply for the pass to the railway. The train would give the same form, with which the students would come to the booking counter of the station and get a free pass. When the form of school and college is finished, the authority would re-apply and collect it again. If there is a form given before the lockdown, the school or college authority can give it to the students. When finished, they will have to submit the counter part and take the form again.

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Every school, college gets this benefit. Teachers at several schools in the state say free pass concession forms are still pending. That stock must be seen. The state guidelines state that school and college authorities will provide a copy of the prescribed application for free pass to students who need a pass. Students will be able to take a free pass from the railways by showing that.

As a result, students will not have any difficulty in traveling. The instructions have already been sent to several important stations in Howrah and Sealdah divisions. However, it has not been confirmed yet whether the discount will be available in the case of Metro Rail.

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