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#Kolkata: Cyclone ‘Javad’ is making my eyes water. So be alert in advance Indian Railways (Indian Railways). Multiple trains have already been canceled by the Eastern and South Eastern Railways. At Shalimar Yard, a picture has already surfaced of a railway wheel being chained. Multiple express trains have also been canceled. According to sources, a total of 95 trains have been canceled by Eastern Railway.

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Cyclone lightning in the first week of December. On December 3 and 4, just before the cyclone ‘Jawad’ hit the Orissa coast, the Indian Eastern Railway announced its decision to cancel the train. On Thursday, the Railways tweeted that according to the weather office’s forecast, cyclone Jawad could hit the Orissa coast between December 3 and 4. Therefore, the railways are canceling 95 up and down line trains from different stations.

At the same time, according to South Eastern Railway sources, 26 long-distance and 22 long-distance trains have been canceled on December 3 and December 4, respectively. Also canceled are Howrah-Puri Express, Digha-Visakhapatnam Express, Howrah-Secunderabad Falaknuma Express, Howrah Yeshwantpur Duronto Express, Coromandel Express.

Also canceled are Bangalore Cantonment-Guwahati, Kanyakumari-Dibrugarh Vivek Express, Chennai-Howrah Mail, Amravati Express, Tiruchirappalli-Howrah Superfast Express, Puri-Sealdah Durant Express, Puri-Nayad Express, Puri-Nayad. -Puri Nandan Kanan Express, Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express.

Niraj Kumar, chief public relations officer of South Eastern Railway, said many trains to and from Orissa and Andhra Pradesh had been canceled due to the cyclone. Passengers who have already booked a seat will receive a text message. They will be able to refund the ticket.

Now the depression is in the Andaman Sea. It will increase the energy a little and turn into a clear depression. It will move from Andaman to Bay of Bengal today. And it will turn into a deep depression. It is likely to turn into a deep depression by Friday. It will be in the central region of the Bay of Bengal. Saturn-Sunday it will continue to move towards the coast.

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Light rain is likely in several districts, two 24 Parganas, East and West Midnapore and Howrah from Friday. Heavy rain on Saturday in 7 districts. The main disaster is feared on Sunday. The cyclone will move towards the Andhra-Orissa coast. But whether it will enter the land from there, it is not yet clear. Probably this disaster could have entered the land and lost some strength and advanced towards Bengal. Or it could hit Bengal by sea without entering the land. After approaching Orissa, the cyclone may take a ‘turn’. That is where the concern for Bengal lies. Due to this, heavy rains are expected in 6 districts including Kolkata. On that day, even at a maximum speed of 60 km, strong winds can blow in the coastal areas.

Meteorologists say the Andamans and the Bay of Bengal are experiencing repeated low pressure this year. If the depression stays in the same place, the energy will increase. That will be the case. The Calcutta Municipality is also ready to deal with the cyclone. At present, 6 pumping stations have been asked to remain vigilant. There is a portable pumping system. The control room of Kolkata Municipality will remain open.

Trains canceled by South Eastern Railway: Up Train:

12803 Howrah-Secunderabad Falaknuma Express: 3 December 2273 Puri-Yashwantpur Garib Rath Express: 3 December 12245 Howrah-Yashwantpur Durant Express: 3 December 22605 Purulia-Villupram: 3 December-18 December 22617 Howrah-Mysuru Express: 3 December 22607 Santragachi-Chennai Superfast Express: 3 December 2273 Digha-Visakhapatnam Superfast Express: 3 December 1273 Howrah-Yashwantpur Superfast Express: 3 December: 3 December. : 3 December 12506 Silchar-Tirbantapuram Aronai Express: 2 December 13351 Dhanbad-Alpunja Express: 3 December 12799 Tata-Yashwantpur Express: 3 December 1838 Hatia-Bangalore Cantonment Express: 4 December 1894 Express: 3 December 22201 Sealdah-Puri Duronto Express: 3 December 12695 Shalimar-Puri Weekly Superfast Express: 3 December 12702 New Delhi-Puri Purushottam Express: 2 December 18451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Express: 3 December 12738 Howrah-Puri Superfast Express: 3 December 15644 Kamakhya-Puri Express: 2 December 12621 : 3 December 18105 Rourkella-Puri Express: 3 and 4 December

Down train:

12509 Bangalore Cantonment-Guwahati: 2 December 12842 Chennai-Howrah Coromandel Express: 3 December 22741 Trivandrum-Shalimar Express: 2 December 18047 Hyderabad-Howrah Express: 3 December 15902 December 12704 Secunderabad-Howrah Falaknuma Express: 3 December 1284 Jashwantpur-Howrah Superfast Express: 3 December 12640 Chennai-Howrah Mail: 3 December 14046 Vasco da Gama-Howrah Amravati Express: 3 December: Gas-Howrah Amravati Express Sealdah Duranta Express: 4 December 12738 Puri-Howrah Superfast Express: 3 December 18452 Puri-Hatia Tapaswini Express: 3 December 12601 Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express: 2 December 15843 Puri-Kamakhya Express: 1 December 15843 Puri-Kamakhya Express December 18106 Puri-Rourkella Express: 4 December 12822 Puri-Howrah Dhauli Express: 4 December 12615 Ananda Bihar-Puri Nandan Kanan Express Dec: 4 December 12084 Bhubaneswar-Howrah Janshatabdi Express: 4 December 20617 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express: 4 December

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