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Indian Railways: Firefighters on fire, Poyabro on brokers


#Howrah: Trains from Howrah station to Bihar have been canceled for the last two days. They have been sitting on the platform for hours to catch the train. Someone may be a resident of this state. He bought a ticket to go to another state. Most of the people in Kolkata are from Vinh State. Long-distance train passengers are the victims of extreme misery.

Crowds at the train ticket counter from the morning to get the ticket money back. On the other hand, there are many passengers whose money is almost gone in two days. There are still many passengers who came from North Bengal to Malda to go to Delhi or Pune. Upon arrival in Malda, they learned that all trains bound for Bihar had been canceled. They came to Howrah station with high hopes. They are the victims of the same situation after coming here.

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Pinky Chakraborty reached Howrah station from Balurghat via Malda in the same way. According to him, there was no ticket for the train coming from Malda. But the police took 200 rupees from four people per head. After reaching Howrah, everyone was together at a hotel next night. Their money is almost gone. He complained that the station has been filled with brokers. Brokers will cut tickets up to Kanpur. The broker will have to pay an additional Rs. 500 per ticket. It was seen that people at Howrah station are in such a hurry to get the train and get the ticket.

A team of twenty people has arrived from Mozaffarpur Coal Bakri village in Bihar. They have been at the station for three days since Sunday. The money was almost gone. They claim that they are buying guava in the morning to quench their hunger. One of their words is that when they go to the station to buy a ticket, they say at the counter that there is no ticket. Brokers are asking for double, triple money for tickets, with no way to sleep. When he falls asleep, the thief steals and runs away with his belongings. When will you return home? When will the train leave? This question every passenger standing in front of the ticket counter from the search counter.


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