While it’s not common to hear about couples in their 20’s and early 30’s having infertility issues, it does occur. We always believe infertility is something older couples have to deal with, but it is not the case, infertility can occur at any point of your life, even if you are young.   Causes of infertility in young women   While it is true that fertility drops with age, young women in their 20s and 30s can also deal with issues due to the following:   1.      Gynaecological conditions: Women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome are likely to face fertility problems. The ovarian reserve may fall earlier than expected, blockage of the fallopian tubes, abnormalities in the uterine cavity for example a polyp or a fibroid may also cause fertility issues. 2.      Lifestyle factors: Habits such as smoking and being overweight or underweight can play a significant part in causing infertility in women regardless of their young age. 3.      Genetic Abnormalities: If the woman has genetic abnormalities or has a history of other women in family having conditions like premature menopause, endometriosis etc, she may develop fertility issues in her 20s itself 4.      Unexplained infertility: Sometimes, there is no obvious cause for infertility that can be detected, in such cases it is called unexplained fertility     Signs of infertility in young women   Women who have abnormal, irregular, or painful periods have a risk of suffering from infertility issues. Complete absence of periods can be an even greater sign. Some other signs that a woman should look out for are having skin problems like acne, change in sex drive, hair loss, and weight gain. Other symptoms of infertility also include painful sex and milky white discharge from nipples without breastfeeding.   Causes of infertility in young men   Young men can face infertility problems when their sperm count is low or low sperm mobility. Some men also have abnormally formed sperm, or their sperm ducts are blocked. An injury in testicles or certain chemicals can also lead to a temporary drop in the sperm count.   Signs of infertility in young men   Infertility symptoms in men are more complex to observe than in women. Minor differences like changes in hair growth and change in sexual desire can be a sign of potential infertility in men. Young men who are having problems with erections and ejaculation might face fertility problems in the future. Moreover, small and firm testicles or pain and swelling in testicles can also be signs of infertility   Things to keep in mind when dealing with fertility issues at a young age 1.      Maintain a healthy body weight: This goes for both men and women. Having an appropriate weight will increase your chances of conception 2.      Eat Nutritious food: Changes in food habits like avoiding junk and eating food items laden with nutrients will be helpful 3.      Avoid Extreme Exercising: If you are trying to reduce weight, try to do it in moderation. Engaging in extremely vigorous exercise routines can be counter productive 4.      Reduce your stress: It is very easy to drown yourself in stress of day today life. However, this has an impact not only on your physical and mental health but also on your fertility. Try to take breaks whenever you can, engage in relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. 5.      Lifestyle changes: Avoid smoking and drinking, make sure you get proper sleep. Having a healthy lifestyle where you get proper sleep will improve your chances of conception.     Am I too young to visit a doctor for infertility?   Young couples may not feel the need to visit a doctor despite not succeeding to conceive for 12 months as they are not over 35. They may be instances where they are told by friends or family that they are too young to be infertile. However, there is no such thing as “too young for infertility.”   If you have tried to conceive for 12 months and have not succeeded, you should consult a doctor and get fertility testing done. It is also advisable for young couples who have infertility symptoms to visit a doctor immediately.


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