#Kolkata: A devastating fire broke out on Friday afternoon near the Mundaka metro station in Delhi. 27 people died in the fire. Learning from the Delhi incident, the fire department and Barabazar police station organized a training at Satyanarayana Park in Kolkata’s Barabazar on Saturday, focusing on how to quickly put out a fire in the event of a fire.

In many fire incidents, local residents have taken the lead in bringing the fire under control quickly, often failing to provide water with state-of-the-art firefighting equipment due to lack of proper training. The fire brigade showed how to get rid of that problem and bring the fire under control quickly. The training camp was attended by Assistant Commissioner Asik Ahmed, Officer-in-Charge of Barabazar Police Station Supriya Kumar Pal, fire brigade officer and local municipal representatives. The camp provides training to local residents and security guards.

One of the reasons behind the destruction of the multi-storey building in Delhi, which was burnt down by fire, is the way in and out of that multi-storey building. The multi-storey entrance and exit are the same. As a result, many people were trapped in fear and panic but could not get out easily. As soon as this issue came to the fore through various news on Friday, the rules made by the fire brigade in the training camp were also reminded again and again. It was informed that the need to separate the entry and exit routes and what else to do was explained to the local people in the camp. Many people think that it is very important to have this training camp in the big market of Kolkata. This is because one of the largest bazaars in the densely populated area of ​​Kolkata, Bagri Market in the past, although there were no casualties in the fire, the fire spread quickly, causing huge losses to traders.

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