Instead of being confined at home, come to Pujo at the hotel, from there Sarun’s office work, work from the new look

#Kolkata: People have become accustomed to work from home in the corona atmosphere. Whether it’s a lockdown or the fear of infection, people are emotionally devastated when they are at home. In this situation, the central government’s agency IRCTC 7 appeared with a surprise They launched Work from Hotel 8 They have already introduced this system in Kerala. This system is being introduced in West Bengal very soon. They are in agreement with Santiniketan, Sundarbans, Darjeeling, Mandarmani and several other palaces. Where office work can be done sitting in the hotel. The family they live with will breathe in some open air.

This arrangement is being re-introduced with the Pujo trip. Where the whole week is spent covering holidays and arranging work. So that you can go around and walk in a great way. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1) First of all, whatever the hotel, resort or palace, it should fully comply with the Covid Protocol. The house should be completely sanitized.

2) Must have strong Wi-Fi.

3) There will be parking arrangements.

4) In addition to those who will work from the hotel will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, tea and coffee will be provided twice.

5) This seven-day package will be available at Rs 10,000 per head.

Work from Hotel has already become quite popular in Kerala. Multiple corporate firms have given this benefit to their employees. IRCTC is hopeful that IT professionals in West Bengal will also get this facility. Debashish Chandra, general manager of the company, said, “East India is a mine of tourism. But our business is completely ruined. People are tired of going from house to house for a long time. So we have introduced a new twist to tourism. We’ve talked about it. We’ve tried our best to make it happen. That’s why we’ve tried to keep the cost in people’s pockets. ” Various hotels are either satellite hospitals or closed. In this situation, they are hopeful that they will also get some benefit from the work-from-hotel system. Can be booked for now From


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