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Investment || A few thousand crore rupees investment in the state excise department, find out the details


#Kolkata: A huge amount of investment is also coming in the state excise department this time. Sources said that an investment of around Tk 1,200 crore is going to come through the hands of the excise department. Of this, around Rs 200 crore will be invested in a beer manufacturing unit. The remaining one thousand crore taka investment is coming from the distilled spirit factory. A total of three such factories will be located in the vicinity of Kolkata, according to sources in the Excise Department. His process has already begun.

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At the end of last May, when the beer crisis started in the state, it was reported that the state would provide all possible facilities to several companies to set up beer manufacturing units. Several companies have already expressed interest in setting up beer manufacturing units. Meanwhile, a well-known company will invest Rs 200 crore in a beer manufacturing unit in the Kolkata adjoining area in the current financial year, sources said. According to the excise department, the beer manufacturing unit in the state will be able to meet the demand as per the beer crisis this year.

A record amount of liquor was sold in the state in the last financial year. Not only that, the state excise department had set a target for the sale of liquor in the last financial year, which was met long before the deadline. Judging from that, the production of liquor will increase further if these three distilled spirit factories are set up in the state. There will be more than one job. In that case, the sales of the state excise department will also increase. In the last financial year, domestic liquor was sold the most. However, the officials of the excise department think that this year’s record of beer sales will leave the sale of domestic liquor behind. Therefore, the state excise department is giving the most encouragement to set up manufacturing units in the state. Excise officials believe that this huge investment will encourage more investors to invest in the state.

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