Ira Basu: Salt Lake’s huge house lying down, sister Ira, a volunteer on the sidewalk, says ex-CM’s wife

#Kolkata: Sister is living the life of a vagabond on the street. Mira Bhattacharya, wife of former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, embarrassed by her sister’s life. Not denying the identity of the sister, not breaking up the relationship. Miradevi says with this identity of her sister, Ira has voluntarily chosen such a life. He is unable to change his mind.

“Ira Basu is my own younger sister. She is the daughter of a very elite family. She is well educated and a schoolteacher. She is living this kind of life and making her own wishes. She has a house of her own in Salt Lake. She has no shortage. She wants.” You can stay in that house. She is a very independent woman, she does what she thinks, she doesn’t listen to anyone. “

Miradevi argues that Ira Basu can go back to her own home any day if she wants, but it is her personal decision not to go. This is a disgrace to their family. But Iradebi’s change of heart was not possible. Iradebi’s stubborn zeal has been mentioned before by the former MLA from the common people of Kharadha. He did not get a pension due to his jealousy, he left the house of a shelter in the wee hours of the morning. He started living on the sidewalk of Dunlop.

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The search revealed that the house of Bibi 84 in Salt Lake, which had been abandoned for a long time, was the address of Iradebi. No one of the new generation has seen anyone enter or leave this house. However, at one time there was a police posting in this house. Because the owner of this house was Iradevi, the sister-in-law of the then Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. However, some of the old residents of the area have seen him.

Ira has been on the sidewalk of Dunlop for the last two years. The administration has been active since learning of his fate. He has been taken to Lumbini Park for treatment. The biology teacher of Priyanath Girls School in Kharadha did not get pension. Iradevi well-wishers are working to ensure that the pension can be arranged.

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