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Is it raining in Kolkata? Find out the statistics of Meteorological Department – News18 Bangla


Biswajit Saha, Kolkata: Is it raining in Kolkata? Although not in a year, at least in May, it is really raining in Kolkata. According to the Meteorological Department, the city of Kolkata has received 94 percent more rain in May 2022, the current year.

The city of Kolkata is expected to receive 124.9 mm of rainfall in May. This year the rainfall has been 242.3 mm. Kolkata receives 94 percent more rainfall than usual. Not only 2022 or the current year, but looking at the statistics of the last two-three years, it is clear that the city of Kolkata is getting more rain in May. In May 2016, the city of Kolkata received 84 mm of rain in May. In May 2019, the city of Kolkata received 90.5 mm of rainfall in May. In the year 2020, the rainfall in Kolkata city suddenly increased a lot The total rainfall that year was 363.6 mm. In May 2021, the total rainfall in Kolkata was 391.4 mm.

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However, due to heavy rainfall in Kolkata this May, South Bengal lost to North Bengal in May. South Bengal received 34 percent more rainfall in May. North Bengal has received 23 percent more rainfall this May. In the case of South Bengal, Bankura received 6 per cent more rainfall in May and Maldaha in North Bengal received 6 per cent more rainfall. However, in the pre-monsoon season of March, April and May, the rainfall deficit in West Bengal Ganges and West Bengal was about 20 per cent. On the other hand, North Bengal has received 35 percent more rainfall.

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Ganesh Kumar Das, head of the Alipore Meteorological Department, said the three-month forecast given by the Meteorological Department was normal. In May this year, Kolkata received 94 percent more rainfall than normal.

The Meteorological Department has forecast rains in the monsoon season from June to September. The meteorological office said that normal rainfall of 96 percent to 104 percent is expected. Central India and South India are likely to receive more than normal rainfall. On the other hand, Mausam Bhaban has reported the possibility of normal rainfall in North-West and North-East India.

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