#Kolkata: ISF will contest Kolkata (KMC Election) and Howrah municipal elections. The organization has already started the work of selecting candidates. However, a meeting of the state committee has been called on November 14 to decide whether the party will contest the elections alone or not, sources said.

The United Front had formed a coalition with the ISF in the forefront in the Assembly elections. But before the pre-poll, the opposite is true. No proposal has yet been received from the Morcha for an alliance in the elections. Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the leadership to prepare for the upcoming elections. So they do not want to waste time. The leaders of the organization want to start the work of selecting candidates as a preliminary preparation.

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One of the top leaders of the organization said, “How much more time can be given. Preparations have to be made to contest the elections. So far it has been decided that candidates will be fielded in Kolkata and Howrah municipal elections. But where and how many candidates will be fielded If so, what steps will be taken in that constituency will be decided at the meeting of the state committee of the organization on November 14. With the municipal elections ahead, there is a meeting of the state left front on November 15. That too will be monitored. . “

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The United Front was born when the Left, the Congress and the ISF came together on one platform in the Assembly elections. As soon as the results of the polls were released, it was seen that the Left, the Congress had lost, but the only candidate of the Morcha in the Bhangar Assembly elections, ISF Chairman Nowsad Siddiqui, had won. While representing in the assembly, he felt more comfortable calling himself a representative of the united front than the ISF. But on the other hand, the allies of ISF are standing on the fence for the defeat of the election. However, the political circles are looking at where the future of that front will turn in the municipal elections.

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