#Kolkata: Whether it is Rabindra Sarovar or Subhash Sarovar, or the various lakes in the city, environmentalists have been vocal about the need to keep them alive. Different organizations are trying to maintain the balance of water and aquatic life in these reservoirs. The state government is also quite active. Even KMDA is always vigilant to keep the water and environment of various lakes under Kolkata Municipality free from pollution. This time a workshop was held at Nazrul Mancha on Saturday on their initiative.

Where the current weather situation and urbanization also came up to discuss green and save the environment. The workshop was inaugurated by Firhad Hakim, Minister for Urban Development and Mayor of Calcutta Municipality. Kalyan Rudra was the chairman of the state pollution control board. Joining the function, Minister of State Firhad Hakim said, “We have to save our environment with urbanization. As much as city development is needed, the most important thing to survive in a healthy way is to keep our environment alive. It is our duty to maintain the balance of the city’s lakes, water and aquatic animals. “

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“We gave our family everything from cars to houses, but if our next generation gets COPD even after getting all the modern services, then they will ask us what they went through,” he said. That is why we have to save the environment if we want to keep the next generation habitable world, “he said. ”

Not only him, but also in Kalyan Rudra’s words, the issue of maintaining the balance of the environment has come back again and again. Environmentalists who participated in the workshop think that this whimsy of the weather is also a result of our lawlessness.

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