By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

The signature restaurant, Royal Vega, of ITC Royal Bengal presents a delightful offering of delectable vegetarian food
from the magnificent royal kitchens of Indian subcontinent and beyond. Guided by the precepts of Ayurveda, much of the cuisine on offer is attuned to the season, observing the ideal combination of tastes based on the concept of eating fresh seasonal produce, in complete harmony with nature.

The concept of the Royal Vegetarian Menu is manifested on three imperative
factors. The first being the philosophy of taste or rasa, second being the
food crop, vegetables, fruits and grains available round the year and finally followed by the perennial availability of the fruits and vegetables
according to the six seasons on the stretch of every two months in the
Indian calendar.

The Indian sub-continent experiences six seasons and hence the food
requirements are as per that particular season. With every two months
(masa) commencing with magha, are the six seasons (ritu); sisira (cold and
dewy), vasanta (spring), grisma (summer), varsa (monsoon) and hemanta
(winter) successively.

Starting from 15th May 2022, the Grishma Ritu Menu is on offer till 14th July 2022. It encompasses the
restaurant’s multi-faceted vegetarian repertoire with delights like, Pudina Ksiratumbi Kalimirch Raita (Muddled mint and grated bottle gourd folded in thick creamy curd, gently seasoned with rock salt and sprinkled with freshly roasted black pepper), Hari Marich Stambhita (Crispy gram flour batter fried green chili stuffed with tangy potato mixture), Paneer Pudina (Macerated oven roasted paneer rolls, simmered in melon and cucumber seed gravy flavoured with mint),

Marudhar Sangria Koftēh (Spiced desert bean marbles cooked in an onion and tomato gravy delicately spiced with grounded cinnamon), Dadhi Alukam (New baby potatoes in a gravy of curd, finished with a sprinkle of clove powder & homemade garam masala),
Khatta Meethā Kumra ( Sweet and sour red pumpkin tempered with fenugreek seeds, flavored with dried mango and jaggery, garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of pumpkin oil), Amra Dal (A melange of ahrar lentil & fresh raw mango cooked together & tempered with asafetida & cumin) and
Ajwaini Bhindi (Dices of okra tempered withajwain and flavoured with amchoor. These dishes are served with Poori, Moong Puulika, Marich Roti and Chana Pulao.

This unique gastronomical journey ends with lip-smacking desserts like Tar Mewa Malai (Marbles of season fresh fruits folded in thickened milk flavoured with rose water) and Petha Halva Asvagandha, (warm halva of ash gourd, served with clotted cream, adorned with golden pistachios and asvagandha leh), both of which taste heavenly.

The Grishma Ritu Menu, which is a must try, is available as a set menu at INR 2250 plus taxes and is open for dinner from 7.30 to 11 pm. Ala carte portions are also available on request.


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