Jagdeep Dhankhar: Big news! Dhankhar moving from the post of Acharya? In the state of intense conflict

#Kolkata: Governor being removed from the post of Acharya? Education Minister Bratya Basu indicated this on Friday. From the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor, the conflict between the governors and governors has intensified over and over again. Sometimes calling the vice-chancellors of public universities in the state, sometimes asking to meet the vice-chancellors of private universities. Never again to approve the name sent by the state with the appointment of Vice-Chancellor. There have been repeated conflicts between governors and governors.

Although the law was amended regarding the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of the Governor, there was a conflict between the Governor and the Governor. Even the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of Hill University in Darjeeling and the conflict between the governors of the state has become apparent. Recently, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s administrative meeting in Karshiang raised the issue of appointment of a university vice-chancellor. It is alleged that the name of the Vice-Chancellor of Hill University was sent to the Governor for appointment but the name of the Vice-Chancellor was not approved. Not only that, the file was sent to the governor more than once, according to sources in the higher education department. Although the file has been sent to the Governor for the appointment of Vice Chancellors of Hill University as well as more than nine other universities in the state, the Department of Higher Education has repeatedly said that the file is being sent back from Raj Bhavan.

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Even before the assembly elections, the state’s governorship conflict intensified. On Friday, Education Minister Bratya Basu took up the issue and said, “He is becoming a stumbling block in the field of education. So we are thinking of removing him from the post of Acharya. We are considering whether to replace him with the Chief Minister. Legal advice is being sought.” In the context of the recent meeting with the private vice-chancellor of the university, the conflict between the state governors reached a large extent.

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On December 20, Raj Bhavan sent invitations to various vice-chancellors to meet the vice-chancellors of private universities. But the vice chancellor of the private university informed that they will not be able to come. Then the governor called another meeting on 23rd December. But the vice chancellors of private universities were also absent from that meeting. Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar tweeted about it on Friday morning. All in all, there is no doubt that the State-Governor conflict escalated in the remarks of the Education Minister on this day.

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