Jagdeep Dhankhar | Mamata Banerjee: Dhankhar is being removed from the post of Acharya, will Mamata sit down? Indications Education Minister Bratyar

#Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has expressed concern over the management of various colleges and universities in the state. The governor also alleged that grassroots organizations were trying to spread dominance in the state universities. In this context, the idea of ​​removing the governor from the post of principal of state government educational institutions has started, said Education Minister Bratya Basu. He also said that the idea of ​​appointing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as Acharya is going on.

In the words of Bratya Basu, “The governor is standing in the way of education in the state. If there is such a chancellor, the education system will be dangerous We are also running the education system well. So far the CBI, ED was. Now the governor is threatening with UGC. Don’t take any offers. He sent them all to the freezer. He stuck the file. Bratya Basu then said, “We are looking into whether he can be removed from the post of Chancellor (Acharya) and brought in as the Chief Minister.” He did not come to the discussion. Why this attitude? He will be able to say what he wants. “

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Recently, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar summoned the Vice-Chancellors of several private universities in the state to Raj Bhavan. Despite the governor’s allegation, none of the vice-chancellors came to the palace. The governor tweeted about the matter on Friday morning. In the tweet, the governor wrote, “During Mamata Banerjee’s government, the picture in the education system has become grim. No vice-chancellor of a private university in the state came to the meeting with the governor. Attempts are being made to expand the organization in the education system in the state. The rule of law is reflected in the education system, not the law. An atmosphere of fear has been created across the state. “

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The education minister opened his mouth shortly after the governor’s tweet. He also suggested removing the Governor from the post of Chancellor and replacing him with the Chief Minister. However, no response has been received from the governor so far.

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