Jago Bangla on Anti BJP Alliance and TMC: Trinamool responds to allegations

#Kolkata: The Congress is moving slowly. The Trinamool will not break its journey to keep pace with that. The door of the alliance is open, but the grassroots camp will not sit idly by until it is done. The Trinamool will continue its efforts to increase its power in foreign countries. On the day of Mamata Banerjee’s visit to Goa, the Trinamool made its position clear in Jago Bangla (Anti-BJP Alliance and TMC).

The Jago Bangla editorial wrote today, “Congress is limited to tweets. There are no effective steps to form an alliance. The Congress has sunk in the Lok Sabha in 2014,2019. The Congress is struggling with its own problems. Shall we sit down? ” After this, the grassroots Nidan said, “We cannot rely on the Congress. We will continue to increase our strength.”

The question is, did the Trinamool choose this time to explain the position? Political circles say that both the Congress and the Trinamool are keeping an eye on the BJP’s stronghold. And for this reason, the fight in Goa is practically triangular. For this reason, the BJP-Congress is simultaneously calling the Trinamool a political tourist in Goa.

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Meanwhile, the Trinamool has repeatedly explained its position in the heat of the day. Congress leaders like Adhir Chowdhury have also made a final attack on the counter-grassroots. Adhir Chowdhury raised the question, ‘Why doesn’t Mamata Banerjee herself say I have waited for the Congress?’ Adhir also said, “The Gandhi family looks at Mamata Banerjee with great affection. The Congress leaders have a very good idea of ​​Mamata. The leaders of Delhi did not believe that I was being persecuted in Bengal. The leaders of Delhi look at Mamata as an ideal woman. Surprised “.

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Such allegations are being counter-accused. ”Abhishek told a political rally that the difference between the Trinamool Congress and the Congress was that both parties were anti-BJP. The Congress lost to the BJP and the Trinamool lost to the BJP.

But Mamata Banerjee herself has met Sonia Gandhi. Top Congress leaders have arrived in Delhi to listen to his speech. What is the real cause of this ever friendly enmity! When the Trinamool leader is leaving the comfort zone of the East and North East and setting foot on the new battlefield, the Trinamool wants to make it clear. Trinamool is protesting against the allegation of splitting the party, saying that their intention is not to split the party, but to save energy. The Trinamool wants to say that they are still keeping the doors of the alliance open. However, the Congress will not sit idly by in the face of internal problems and the Trinamool will strengthen itself as the BJP’s opposing force.

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