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Jamai Sasthi 2022 || Learned from Lockdown’s YouTube, they bet on cooking in Jamaishthi …


#Kolkata: In Jamaishthi, Bengali food is usually preferred. There are rice, luchi, polao, pulses with fish head, shukto, hilsa bhapa, mutton, shrimp malaikari, oil kai etc. As well as Rezala, Korma, Kala Bhuna, Bharta to Manchurian, Sausage, Soup, Rokmari Sarabat. What do you want? Everything I want is from the same hensel.

Madhuchanda Bhattacharya is a teacher by profession. In the sixties, besides Bengali food, he made Chinese at home. Bengali food also tastes like Bengali. How is that possible? He said, “We used to eat at home. Sometimes we went to Chinatown or some other restaurant to change the taste. Nothing like that happened in the middle two years. This time we cooked at home. I don’t usually do it at home. I learned a lot of cooking by watching YouTube during the lockdown. I used to follow the YouTube channel of Bangladesh. I will make it at home from this time. “

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This is the first time this has happened in the house of Shantana Das, a resident of Salt Lake. He said, “I made Bengali food at home. But in a slightly different way. I made mutton dak bungalow. That was also the first time. At first I thought what it would be like. But then everyone ate well and said goodbye. I also liked being able to do something different.”

However, the owners of the house have a little problem. A man named Samar Das came to Maniktala market and was practically eating Himsim. He said, “This time the form is very confusing. I don’t understand many things. I don’t even know where to get it. Like coconut milk. I was the first to know that coconut milk is sold separately. Again, that milk is not available in milk shops.” “Then there’s the dry rose. I mean, I don’t know how to use dried roses in cooking. But I don’t know if it’s available in flower shops. There’s fresh cream at number three.


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