Joka Esplanade Metro | Work begins on the second phase of the Joka-Esplanade project

#Kolkata: After 11 long years, phase 2 work of Joka-Esplanade Metro project has started. 5 stations will be constructed in this part. Having buildings like Victoria Memorial, Fort William makes it difficult to get started. Finally, with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Defense, the railways started working.

The first step in starting the work is to start the Geotechnical Soil Investigation. The test is being carried out at a depth of 60 m. Rail-state meetings have already been held on this project. The provision market is being shifted to the Esplanade section. From Majherhat to Mominpur, the metro will gradually go underground. Underground stations will be Mominpur, Khidirpur, Victoria, Park Street, Esplanade.

The distance of this road from Joka to Esplanade is about 14.215 km. For now, it has been sent to the laboratory. Metro Rail 8 will enter underground from Mominpur on the Joka disputed route Metro authorities believe that the Maidan Market should be removed for the construction of tunnels in the Dharmatala area. Because they do not want to take any risk while constructing the tunnel

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According to sources, the state government has initially agreed to the proposal of the metro authorities In that case, if the market is to be moved, traders may be temporarily relocated to Curzon Park. It has been decided that the final decision will be taken after the administration officials visit the area along with the police. Rehabilitation will also be discussed with traders. In addition, the Metro Rail has proposed to drain the pond next to the Press Club in the Maidan area.

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The state government has also been informed by Metro Rail that the Rajasthan club in the area will also have to be removed. After overcoming that entanglement, the work from Joka to Majherhat has progressed a lot The main goal of Metro Rail and the state administration is to expedite the completion of the section up to the disputed bug at the next stage. As a result, all parties want to move forward with coordination among themselves

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