#Kolkata: Joy Banerjee left the BJP The BJP leader (Joy Banerjee Leaves BJP) has announced his decision to leave the party by e-mail directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor has left the party alleging that he is being neglected in the party and the BJP is becoming isolated. Joy also expressed anger against the party’s state leadership

In 2016, Joy Banerjee was made a member of the BJP’s National Working Committee. But before the Assembly elections, the BJP removed Joy Banerjee from the Trinamool Congress and made Rajiv Banerjee a member of the National Working Committee. A few days ago, the Union Home Ministry also withdrew the security of Joy Banerjee In a letter to the Prime Minister, the BJP leader also expressed anger over all these issues

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Joy Banerjee said, “I joined the BJP after seeing the Prime Minister.” I told him that since 2014, you know, I killed BJP with my life But now the party has become isolated Those who want the good of Bengal, leaders like me who understand the sentiments of the people of Bengal, some of the leaders here are not allowing them to stay in the party, no advice is being taken. We have to accept the defeat and prepare for the next war If you make an excuse without doing that, the way to the next rate is opened But without looking at their own faults, it is being said that the grassroots have won by rigging Rigging in one center can win ten, twenty thousand votes, one-and-a-half lakh votes is not possible.

However, BJP state president Sukant Majumder did not want to accept Joy Banerjee’s allegations His counter-claim was, ‘He was ill ৷ The party did not even come to the state office I have not received any phone call or letter from him since I became the state president If there is any resentment, the state leadership should be informed first.

Another BJP leader, Rahul Sinha, however, admitted partially to Joy Banerjee’s allegations. “Joy Bandyopadhyay was physically, mentally and financially depressed,” he said. It is true that as a team we could not be by his side Not just Joy Banerjee, but many have problems with the party. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari, however, said, “Joy Bandyopadhyay was ill The party must be by his side. ‘

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