#Kolkata: Just seven days in hand. Literary Joy Goswami grabbed the pen in Jago Bangla before the full vote. He wrote about the role of Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the municipal administration An article titled ‘Fluent Progress’ has been published in the editorial of Jagobangla. Literary Joy Goswami, in his introductory remarks, mentions the uninterrupted progress of the Calcutta Corporation under the leadership of the Trinamool Congress. The fact that the Calcutta Municipality is under the control of the Trinamool Congress means an endless stream of development, so to speak.

Joy Goswami, who came to Kolkata from Ranaghat, said that the city administration has played an important role not only in civic amenities but also in spreading the free wings of cultural thinking. In his writings, he criticized the Left on the one hand, and praised the two former mayors, the late Subrata Mukherjee and Firhad Hakim, on the other. However, the name of former mayor Shovon Chattopadhyay was not seen at all. He gave an example of Firhad’s role in publishing a memoir on the centenary of Satyajit Ray. Joy Goswami writes, ‘There were some problems while printing the book. It can be cut through the personal efforts of the metropolitan. ‘

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Although not announced in advance, Trinamool mayoral candidate Firhad Hakim in the Kolkata by-elections. That is why this praise of the poet in the party mouthpiece is very ‘significant’. Along with Firhad Hakim, Joy Goswami has praised Subrata Mukherjee as a metropolitan. In this case too, he writes about the late former mayor by way of example: Throughout the writing, he praised the various works of the municipality in the last ten years. He also mentioned that Mamata Banerjee’s leadership is behind all these activities.

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In his writings, he has sharply criticized the left-wing era. Joy Goswami writes: And the true friends who misrepresented with their fingers in their eyes made a historic mistake by thinking they were conspirators. That’s what happened. The people have rejected them. According to him, the situation is different in the case of grassroots municipal administration. He wrote, “No one is complacent. That is the hope!”

Abir Ghoshal

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