#Kolkata: Unimaginable scene! Water is being poured into the shrimps by injecting syringes. It seems to have become a very small industry in the state. Although this issue has come to the fore many times, the fish traders continue to adulterate the shrimp in the same way till today. Administratively, no legal action has been taken against this cycle so far. Indian fish is burning in foreign markets.

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Compared to the past, the production of bagged shrimp has decreased in our state. Venami shrimp farming of American descent has increased in the state. Out of 100% shrimp, only 20% of shrimp is currently produced. Bagda shrimp is always financially viable. Bagda shrimp is highly valued in foreign markets. In the fish markets of Malanche, Tetulia and Basirhat of North 24 Parganas, work is underway to increase the weight of Bagda Shrimp by filling it with water.

Mixing arrowroot or isabgul bran with water, making the water a little thicker and then filling the bagda shrimp with that water injection syringe. On the side of the road, out of the thorns of the malach fish, in the backyard of each of the long-fertilized fish farms, the work of adulterating these shrimps is done. On the other hand, this work started after evening in Tentulia market. However, a very strong cycle works behind it.

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Fishery scientist Vijay Kali Mohapatra said, “First of all, buyers are cheating by buying these shrimps. The country will be discredited if the issue comes to the fore in any foreign market. Baghdad shrimp will no longer import that order. Also, the water that fills up contains a lot of bacteria. Which can lead to fish infections. Eaters can be infected with that infection.

The long-running cycle of adulteration of shrimp is still going on today. Especially those who are buying fish from farmers and preparing it for export are doing this work. Not only foreigners but also people of the country are cheating by buying Baghdad. Fisheries experts say the government should take swift action against fraud and public health crimes.

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