They are as helpless as the nameless flowers on the wall Their survival is probably no longer literal Rather, everything is just survival There is also uncertainty Everything can end at any time After two and a half years, horrible memories came back to Boubazar The memory that aroused only fear of life

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August 31, 2019 Residents of BB Ganguly Street, Boubazar Street, Durga Pituri Lane, Sankara Para Lane in Boubazar were displaced. Talpi-Talpa rolled up and fled towards the hotel Huge cracks in one house after another for metro rail work, the house collapsed. Day and night of that nightmare is coming back

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I have to die one day Yet who wants to go untimely! They also want to live But they are going to hell by changing their address The whole family in the gap of the scooter! Mother’s sari, wife’s decoration 7 Someone’s address is QN Hotel 8, Creek Row One of the children could not take the test Books, clothes are left in the old dormitory Someone went to see a doctor When he returned, he found the house cracked Literally, the ground under their feet had shifted They are lost Where to go, what to do, what to take, what to leave – Kulkinara can’t think of anything. A young man is sitting in the middle of the road waving his hand fan They were under the open sky all night in the rain

It is said that the more fear one gets, the more fear one gets That is the situation of the families A 72-year-old woman said in her own words, this time she will not leave the house of her father-in-law. It was repaired, it was repainted – then the cracks came back People may be scared once or twice, but this fear is daily Every night the house trembles What is the death knell?

Someone says I won’t go out. If I die, I will die at home. ‘ Someone came back from work and saw a crack in the house. Things are still inside. He came out with only some necessary documents There is only wailing in the air Just crying through the broken wall, it all ended. I don’t know where to go. ‘ If you observe very well, you will understand that the hardest real line is, people are very cheap …

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