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Just like in the movie ‘Bunty-Babli’, why are the police looking for this couple from Kolkata? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: One theft after another planned. A couple behind the theft across the city. Eventually, however, they were caught by police officer Dashrath Singh. The story of the movie ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ released in 2005 is well known Real Life’s Bunty Bubbly steals with various tricks, but the real Bunty-Bubbly plan can shake the real police.

Rupayan Gupta, the real ‘Bunty’, has spent a year in ‘Srighare’ in 2016 for cheating millions of rupees. What’s in it! After getting out of jail, this time his partner is ‘Babli’. Rupayan has woven a net of cheating again with his wife Madhushree Chowdhury. Only the name of the company has changed.

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Skylark Travels opened the company in 2016 and took money from more than one person in the name of doing foreign tours. Police arrested Rupayan and his two accomplices for covering their bodies with money. Although he later got bail. What’s more, this time Rupayan has opened a new company called Safarnama Ledger and started a fraudulent business again. Companion wife Madhushree Chowdhury. The company’s address on the website is 83, Prince Anwar Shah Road. For a month, Rupayan and Madhushree have toured several families in the name of this organization. In fact, many of those who visited the organization were satisfied with the service. And Rupayan and Madhushree have used that belief as a tool.

An expatriate Bengali named Rahul Sen fell victim to their deception while sitting in a distant Qatar. According to him, the family members plan to come to Kolkata from Qatar and visit Himachal. Accordingly, Rahul contacted the implementers. Rupayan was informed of the plan to return to Qatar from Qatar via Himachal Pradesh via Kolkata.

Rahul Sen claims that the cost of this tour is one and a half lakh rupees. Agreeing to that, he sent Rs 50,000 in advance and a photocopy of his passport to Rupayan. So far so good. Rahul Sen realizes that he has been deceived by calling Rupayan when he sees the time approaching in Kolkata. Complaint, could not be contacted. Rupayan and his wife Madhushree’s phone was off. It is alleged that the address was not found at the address of the company’s office on Prince Anwar Shah Road.

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Rahul Sen has complained to Golfgreen police station via email from far away Qatar. At the same time, he also complained in Lalbazar.

Gaurab Das of Shyambazar had the same experience. They contacted Rupayan in February this year. They planned to visit Shillong in October. Rupayan said that their tour would cost 1 lakh 15 thousand rupees. Gaurab paid 60 thousand rupees in advance. But in April his grandmother suddenly fell ill. Doctors said the tour should be postponed for the time being. After that, it is a matter of pride that he contacted Rupayan and informed him about the whole matter. Rupayan even promised to return the money by May 10, Gaurab claimed.

He complained that he wanted to know whether the money was being returned on the 10th by calling on the 8th of May. Rupayan told Gaurab that the money would be sent to the account by May 15. But since May 11, Gaurab has not been able to get in touch with Rupayan. He also lodged a written complaint with Kolkata Police’s Golfgreen Police Station and Lalbazar.

Not only the glory of Qatar’s Rahul or Shyambazar, Sastrik Rupayan has run away with money from more than 60 such people. Now when can the police catch the real ‘Bunty-Babli’.

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