Arnab Hazra, Kolkata: I can have a family with my husband but I want a guarantee before that. After that, the Calcutta High Court made sure that the wife’s husband would not beat her at home. Then I will go back to my husband’s house. The judge replied, “You two will stay at home.” How can I guarantee that you will not be beaten? The judge’s remarks caused laughter in the courtroom (Bangla News).

Subir Mandal developed a relationship with Kumkum Pal (name changed), an employee of the state health department, a decade ago. BSF Jawan Subir Mandal. Kumkum filed a case against Subir alleging that he had sexual intercourse with the promise of marriage. An investigation was started against Subir. In 2020, he finally married Subir Kumkum. Kumkum’s lawyer Susnigdha Bhattacharya alleged that Subir started torturing her after marriage. He was also charged with torturing the bride (Section 498) (Calcutta High Court).

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The level of torture is increasing to demand the removal of the allegations. As a result, a charge was filed against Subir again for influencing the witness (Section 195). Subir got anticipatory bail from the lower court. Kumkum approached the High Court on the application for dismissal of bail. In the light of Kumkum’s application, the High Court directed Subir to appear before the court. But Subir did not appear in court. Finally, the court directed the police to produce Subir in the High Court. Accordingly, the police produced Subir in court.

During the hearing of the case, Kumkum’s lawyer demanded alimony in the court. Justice Debangshu Basak’s question to Subir is, how much do you get paid. Subir said he received a salary of Tk 43,000. Justice Debangshu Basak directed Kumkum to pay one-third of the salary as alimony. As well as the judge’s question to Kumkum, do you want to stay with Subir? Kumkum’s answer, can stay. But I should not be beaten. The court sent the couple for counseling so that Subir and Kumkum could live together.

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Many lawyers have described the court’s initiative as humane. However, on this day in the bench of Justice Basak, the BSF jawan had to wear the thin ticket in the face of question marks. I will summon your superiors to court. Why not start a departmental investigation against you? Do you go to your officer after this dress? Then why did you come to the court after this dress? The BSF jawan was present in the 29th sitting of the Calcutta High Court wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Wearing jeans and a T-shirt, Subir has to gossip. East Burdwan police produced him in court on the orders of the High Court.

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