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Kabir Suman on KK: Kabir Suman’s song about KK, viral video on social media


#Kolkata: Krishnakumar loves this song. I didn’t know you, I didn’t know you were like that. Like the sudden tears found in the melody of this song of mine. In disguise. You were my neighbor in any one birth. This city is also your home, your city is your soil. Your base is in the bosom of millions of children in Bengal. Kabir Sumon. – Not limited to writing, this time Kabir Sumon also sang in his own voice. Which is now viral on social media.

Veteran lyricist, composer and singer Kabir Sumon could not accept the death of the singer when he came to Kolkata. About a week after the death of Krishnakumar Kunnat alias KK, Sumon posted a Facebook post about the late singer for the first time on Monday. Not only did he write, he also composed songs for him. This time Kabir sang that song in Sumon’s post. Old songs, new words. Kabir Sumon himself sang along with Tanpura while writing the song ‘Ke Tumi Keman Tumi Chokher Tara Aina Dharo’. Before starting the song in this 3 minute 16 second post with song and video message, he appealed to the audience, ‘Everyone can sing this song. I don’t need permission. The words and melody of the song are my own. But please keep the lyrics and melody intact. And please don’t make any parody of this song ‘. Kabir Sumon’s post of this song has caused a storm of like share comments on social media.

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No one can accept KK’s death. Kabir Sumon is also not getting peace after his tragic death. That is what he wrote in the first post on social media. This time Kabir Sumon gave voice to the words of that song. As he wrote in his first post on social media, he will be the first to sing the song. Someone else after that. Eventually the song came to Kabir Sumon’s throat through social media in the second post of his own Facebook account.

See Kabir Sumon’s song about cake

Written in 2005 ‘How are you?’ Sumon, the music director of the film, later sang the song with Rupankar in Srijit Mukherjee’s film ‘Jatismar’. And this time in the middle of the cake-rupankar debate, Kabir Sumon’s throat, what kind of cake is this cake.

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