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Kalighat Skywalk || Kolkata Municipality warns about Kalighat Skywalk, what is the reason for this panic?


#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality warns of Kalighat Skywalk after Metro incident at Boubazar. Like Durgapituri Lane, there are centuries old houses here. There are English period brick sewerage or brick drains. The construction company is also trying to be cautious in piling the foundation stone of Skywalk. On the other hand, the Calcutta Municipality is careful to complete the work on time.

On Monday afternoon, Kolkata Municipality Mayor Firhad Hakim, Municipal Commissioner Binod Kumar, Rasbihari MLA Debashis Kumar along with officials of Kolkata Municipality Engineering Department and local councilor Prabir Chakraborty were present. There is a discussion on the one hand caution. On the other hand what kind of outline can be made to finish the work on time.

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Inaugurating the Dakshineswar Skywalk in 2016, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced plans to build a Skywalk in Kalighat. After all the tests starting from the soil test, the work was supposed to start in 2019, but with the rehabilitation of the hawkers, it was too late to start the work of Skywalk. Initially, Rs 60 crore has been allocated for the construction of this skywalk. The 500 meter long skywalk will be 10.5 meters wide and 8 meters high. This skywalk will have four escalators and two elevators. Although a total of 60 stalls are down, the officials of Kolkata Municipality are not sure how much space can be given to the hawkers in Sky-Walk.

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Debashish Kumar said that the Skywalk work could be completed by the beginning of 2023, even though the work was finally started after mediation on Hawker Rehabilitation. After today’s meeting, Mayor Firhad Hakim said that the work could be completed at least by the middle of next year. From now on, the municipality will monitor the work of Skywalk in Kalighat so that the work is completed on time. This activity is to finish the work on time. City Commissioner Binod Kumar will report to Mayor Firhad Hakim on the progress of the work every 15 days. Work on the Kalighat Skywalk could be completed after a few months of the scheduled time. The work of Kalighat Skywalk may be completed by the middle of next year. Mayor Firhad Hakim held an emergency meeting to expedite the work of Kalighat Skywalk. Although the work is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023, the work may be completed by the middle of 2023 due to the slow pace of work, said Mayor Firhad Hakim. The mayor advised to hold an internal meeting every 15 days to complete the work quickly.

Mayor Firhad Hakim said there is an old brick drainage ditch at the site of the project. The municipality also has a number of infrastructure, including other underground drinking water pipelines. This is the decision of the emergency meeting after 15 days so that the work is not delayed.

According to municipal sources, on the one hand, the old sewers and old houses and the worries of the Calcutta Municipality engineers have been folded. The Kolkata Municipality is careful not to repeat the same thing in Kalighat in the same way that the cracks were created in the old house due to the vibration in the work of Metro in Boubazar. Because two pilings have been made for this skywalk. One is in the area adjacent to Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road and the other is in the area adjacent to Kalighat Police Station. The reason for concern is at the piling point adjacent to SP Mukherjee Road. Here, on the one hand, there is a drainage ditch of the English period, on the other hand, there is a century old brick masonry house of various types of lime-surki. The challenge now for the Kolkata Municipality and the construction company is to ensure that the vibration of the piling machine does not damage these houses and sewers. In order to ensure that, an emergency meeting has been held on behalf of Calcutta Municipality and two mayoral councils have been given the responsibility.


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