#Kolkata: The state leadership of the Trinamool Congress today summoned the councilors of Kalna. According to party sources, 17 Trinamool Congress councilors of Kalna municipality have been summoned to solve the problem created by the by-elections. The councilors have already divided into two groups and left for Kolkata.

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It is learned that the Trinamool Congress state leadership will remain steadfast in its decision. Consent may be sought from all councilors as the decision of the party must be accepted by all councilors. The party decided to make Trinamool leader Anand Dutt chairman and Tapan Porel vice chairman. Trinamool Congress East Burdwan district president Rabindranath Chatterjee read out the letter, signed by Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee and signed by Firhad Hakim, at a press conference on March 15. However, Tapan Porel’s councilors, who were absent from the event in Burdwan, made it clear that the majority councilors did not like the decision. Although 5 councilors were present at that meeting with joyous information, the remaining 12 were absent.

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The next day, after the swearing-in ceremony at Purshree Mancha in Kalna, the election process for the Purashri began. There, disobeying the party’s instructions, the majority of councilors elected Tapan Porel as the mayor. Extreme chaos ensued around this incident. The sub-divisional ruler left the meeting room without taking the oath of office. The district magistrate canceled the recruitment process for fear of deteriorating law and order.

Tapan Porel has been expelled for his alleged involvement in anti-government activities, said Arup Biswas, a minister and party observer in East Burdwan district. The Trinamool Congress leadership has said that three more councilors are being suspended for being active in the mayoral election without following the party’s instructions. The councilors reduced their activities as the punishment came down. After that the leadership called them to Calcutta.

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