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Kamal Madhyamike 100 out of 100 numbers! What is the reason for schooling in Corona? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Published the results of the secondary examination of 2022. 11,26,600 candidates applied for this year’s secondary examination. 10,985 people took the test. This year the pass rate is 7.60 percent. District again at the top of success! The pass rate in East Midnapore is 97.83 percent. Kalimpong in second place. West Midnapore in third place and Kolkata in fourth place. The pass rate in Kolkata is 94.36 percent. This time the number of students who got 100 out of 100 marks in the secondary examination is quite low! Life sciences, history, geography and even the first language score of 90 to 100 is low.

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According to the board, the number of AA grades has increased this year as compared to 2020. The number of students getting 90 to 100 in English has increased compared to 2020. However, the number of students who got 90 to 100 marks in the math this time is quite low. The number of students who got 90 to 100 marks has decreased the most in physical science.

However, in the rest of the subjects, the number of students getting marks from 90 to 100 has decreased significantly. Significantly lower numbers have risen in the first language this time. Numbers obtained in life sciences, history, geography have also decreased.

Is the reason for the decrease in the number of schools being closed for a long time due to the Corona epidemic? Students and teachers had very little time to prepare for the secondary examination this year with classes in the school. Many people think that the lack of practicality, especially in matters related to science, may be the reason behind this.

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This year 25226 students in first language, 215050 students in English, 3936 students in maths, 24051 students in physics, 25056 students in life science, 14523 students in history, 34408 students in geography got marks between 90 and 100. This time 2 people are at the top of the merit list. Arnab Gharai of Ramakrishna Ramkrishna Mission High School in Bankura and Raunak Mandal of Burdwan CMS School. The number obtained by the two is 693. Kaushiki Sarkar of Malda and Raunak Mandal of West Midnapore came second with 692 marks. Ananya Dasgupta of West Burdwan and Devshikha Pradhan of East Midnapore became the joint third with 691 marks.

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