#Kolkata: Sravanti Chatterjee’s resignation from the BJP has started in the political arena. Speculation has started, maybe Sravanti Chatterjee will join the grassroots. In the midst of all this, Madan Mitra Srabanti Chatterjee, MLA of Kamarhati, welcomed the actress to the grassroots.

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Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra visited a Jagadharthi Pujo at Chamrail in Howrah on Thursday. This day was the seventh day of Jagadhatri Pujo. There, the MLA opened his mouth about Sravanti’s resignation from the BJP. He said, “As soon as I left home, I saw that Sravanti had left the BJP. Seeing that, I thought – what Madan Mitra thinks today, the rest of the politicians read it for a long time. ”

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Not only this, Madan Mitra (Madan Mitra Srabanti Chatterjee) also welcomed Sravanti to his party Trinamool Congress on this day. “It’s not too late – come on, welcome.” After leaving the party, Madan Mitra (Srabanti Chatterjee) also sent a tweet to Sravanti. Wrote, “Oh lovely!” In another tweet, the Kamarhati MLA also voiced criticism over the Centre’s new agriculture law.

Top BJP leaders have not stopped attacking Sravanti over her resignation. State BJP president Sukant Majumder has claimed that if the BJP does, it will not work in Tollywood. That is why the actors and actresses are deciding to quit the party. “But Nusrat and the scientists have also retaliated.

Note that at one time Srabanti Chatterjee was close to the Trinamool (TMC). However, before the Ekushey vote (West Bengal Election), he joined the Gerua camp on the 1st of March. Behala also became a candidate for the West Center. He was opposed by heavyweight grassroots leaders like Perth Chatterjee. There was dissatisfaction within the BJP with the election of this candidate.

Although the team did not care. Amit Shah himself came to promote Sravanti. But it did not help. Sravanti lost to Perth Chatterjee by a huge margin in the Assembly elections. Since then, the actress has not been seen in any BJP program. Finally, on Thursday, actress Sravanti Chatterjee sent a message to sever ties with Gerua Shibir.

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