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Kamarkundu Rail Bridge: The Kamarkundu Rail Overbridge will be inaugurated again


Kolkata: The controversy surrounding the Kamarkundu railway overbridge is not going away. The bridge will be re-inaugurated by Eastern Railway on Friday afternoon However, the railways are saying that they will do it in the name of ‘Dedicated to the Nations’. It will be inaugurated on Friday afternoon in the presence of the Minister of State for Railways. All the people’s representatives of Hooghly district have been invited.

According to railway sources, a major project in Hooghly district will be inaugurated. 254 crore project will be inaugurated A total of 8 big projects will be inaugurated. Subways will be built where there are now level crossings. Inauguration of new building of Kamarkundu Station, Platform Shelter, Foot Overbridge, Development of Yard, Commissioning of Electronic Interlocking of Bandel-Mogra Third Line and Adi Saptagram, Balarambati, Mirzapur, Bankipur, Adi Saptgram Samparaf, Umaras The Minister of State for Railways will inaugurate the new platform of the Loop Line, Chandannagar Station Building and several newly constructed services.

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Incidentally, this railway overbridge was inaugurated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee last week. Railways complained that they were not called even though the bridge was built in their partnership. Notably, work on Kamarkundu Overbridge started from November 2016 due to traffic jam at Kamarkundu Railgate on Howrah-Burdwan Cord Line. Rail did not receive a call for the inauguration of the bridge. Railways claim they have allocated more money than the state. Twice the General Manager and the DRM wrote letters to the Chief Secretary on behalf of the Railways. Than the inauguration of the rail overbridge. Although the state said they would do it a few days later. On the other hand, the railway has learned from the media that the bridge has been inaugurated. Railways alleged that they were not invited there.

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Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway, said, “A letter was sent to the district magistrate on behalf of the railways. “We have learned from the media that the bridge will be inaugurated,” he said. Hon’ble Chief Minister will do. Since this bridge has been built with our share and cooperation, we also want to be at the inauguration of this bridge. If there is a Chief Minister, we also want it to be inaugurated through the Railway Minister. This overbridge has been completed in a joint venture between the state and the railways. About 60% of the funds have been allocated by the railways and 40% by the states for the inauguration of this overbridge.

According to Eastern Railway sources, the construction of this railway overbridge has cost 48 crore 8 lakh rupees. 26 crore 08 lakh rupees has been given by the railways. 16 crore 17 lakh has been given on behalf of the state. Besides, the railway is launching a subway there Because of the introduction of rail overbridge, there will be no level crossing gate as per railway rules. There will be a subway as per the general demand. Railways will pay Tk 6 crore for the construction of that subway. However, some locals are demanding to keep the level crossing. According to the railways, the line carries two capitals, two Duronto Expresses and one Century Express. Allegedly, if the level crossing is introduced, the speed of the train will decrease.

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