Kantapukur Morgue: Tragic! After the autopsy, the father is begging for money to get his son’s body

Kolkata: The boy is dead. Outside the morgue, the helpless father is begging and collecting one hundred and fifty rupees. He has come from a distant village. The domed of the morgue claims, six thousand rupees. Somehow he has raised one thousand rupees. But Domera is not accepting that money in any way. Wiping away the tears with a towel, he said, ‘The body will rot. I will not get the body even today. ‘ Such is the tragic situation at Kantapukur Morgue in Kolkata.

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Nandan Hembrum, falling into this situation was requesting everyone. On November 18, Mahendranath Hembrum, 24, died suddenly at the Vidyadharpur mess of Sonarpur Police Station. Mrinal used to live with his classmate Mahendra. Mahendra was studying computer hardware.

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Police took the body to the hospital at night after receiving the news. That night the police of Sonarpur police station took four thousand rupees to take the body from the mess to the morgue. The body was autopsied on Thursday. Due to lack of money, Mahendra’s father could not take the body from the morgue. With a small income, Nandan earns three thousand rupees a month. The domed of the morgue could not take the pressure of the demand of six thousand rupees to take the body of the boy.

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After many requests, Domera agreed to two thousand rupees. Nandan could not pay that money. Eventually, under pressure from the media and the police, he was forced to leave the body. Domes claims that after the autopsy, there is an additional cost involved in preparing the body for sewing. For which they have demanded that money.

But in the end he had to pay five hundred rupees as a bribe. After that he got the body of the boy. Allegedly, Domera demanded Rs. 5,000 to Rs. The question in this situation is, does the doctor who is in charge of that morgue not know? On an average, about ten autopsies are performed every day.

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