#Kolkata: The chief secretary of the state called an emergency meeting. The Chief Secretary sat in an emergency meeting with the district magistrates from 10:30 am on the Karmatirtha project. Although Karmatirtha has been created, why they are not being implemented in more than one district? According to sources, the meeting of the Chief Secretary is to discuss the issue.

Recently, the Aam Aadmi Party also raised questions about the implementation of the Karmatirtha project. Due to the meeting with the activities of the state karmatirtha? Apart from Karmatirtha, a few other issues were discussed in today’s meeting. Such is the news in Nabanna Sutra.

Sources say, why the work karmatirtha are not working? The Chief Secretary expressed his displeasure over that. He said, “Karmatirthas have been formed in many districts but they are not being implemented. You have to do them quickly. Start the process of giving the stall that is not going to be given through Karmatirtha. There is a process to apply online. You promote it. There have been 525 Karmatirthas in the state. But many are still not being implemented. You will implement it by May 15. ” The instructions of the district magistrate and officials are from the chief secretary.

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Incidentally, after taking power in Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party has decided to expand the organization to other states. In this context, the AAP has now turned its attention to West Bengal and it is already known that the AAP will be vocal about the corruption in government projects in the rural areas.

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Incidentally, the Aam Aadmi Party has been vocal about the ‘Karmatirtha’ adopted by the state government for rural development. Up claims that although the project has cost crores of rupees, there is no evidence of its practical application. Sanjay Basu, the up-and-coming leader in charge of the state, said this at a press conference. As well as up sources, they will field candidates in the upcoming panchayat elections in the areas where their organization is strong. Experts are sure that this move of the Aam Aadmi Party is going to cause considerable discomfort to the grassroots government of the state in the coming days. In this situation, the Chief Secretary held an emergency meeting with the staff.

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