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Kasba Girl Death | Kolkata News: 18 year old girl Body Recovered in Kasba Area


#Kolkata: Unusual death of a young woman again in the city after Pallabi Bidisha Manjusha. The body of 18-year-old Saraswati Das was found hanging from her house at midnight on Saturday. According to police, Saraswati has committed suicide.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Saraswati lived with her mother, aunt and grandmother in a house in Kasba, South Kolkata. Ayr worked for both his mother and aunt. Both of them were on night duty on Saturday. Saraswati was with her grandmother at home. After eating at night, both of them went to bed. Saraswati was talking on the phone with someone in bed like other nights. Probably talking a little excited, claims his sister. However, as it happens occasionally, his old grandmother fell asleep thinking it was normal like other days.

When she woke up at night, Saraswati’s grandmother saw her hanging in the next room. Saraswati’s body was frozen by the time the rest of them arrived, even though they managed to get her down by cutting the noose.

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In the aftermath of the incident, the police of Kasba police station lodged a complaint of unusual death. However, no complaint was lodged against anyone on behalf of the family. His body was autopsied on Sunday. The police will be able to know the whole matter in the autopsy report. The aunt of the deceased girl claimed that their daughter was probably having an affair with a boy, or that someone was harassing her. But what happened that forced Saraswati to take this extreme decision, they do not understand.

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Saraswati loved to take pictures, she was always smiling, her mother could not imagine how this girl could have happened. Saraswati thanked her mother for inspiring her for the rest of her life. Although they have not made any complaint against anyone, all the family members are looking at the report of the police investigation.

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