Saturday, July 2, 2022

Kashipur Mahasmashan || Big news! Kashipur Mahasmashan will be closed for five days


Kashipur Mahasmashan 6 will be closed for five days According to sources, the mahasmashan will be closed for the renovation work of the electric furnace.

All the work of the crematorium will be closed from Wednesday to next Monday morning. Electric reactors will be closed from 8 am on Wednesday, June 15 to 8 am on Monday, June 20. But hopefully the wooden furnace at Kashipur crematorium will continue.

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Why is the crematorium being closed? Authorities said they had decided to shut down the electric furnace for repairs. According to Kolkata Municipality sources, the electric furnace is likely to be commissioned after 8 am on Monday.

Kashipur Mahasmashan has not been renovated for several months. So the Calcutta Municipality has decided to reform. Earlier, the crematorium was renovated during the Corona epidemic. At that time it was closed for a few days It’s time to renovate the furnace.

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