#Kolkata: Kashipur Arjun Chaurasia Kolkata Police formed a seat in the mysterious death. According to Lalbazar sources, a three-member seat has been formed. Homicide, Chitpur police officials have formed a joint seat or special investigation team, according to Lalbazar sources (Arjun Chaurasia Death).

On Sunday, a special investigation team or SIT visited the scene. Seat officials visited the spot where the hanging body of Arjun Chaurasia was found in the abandoned railway station. How much height from where the hanging body matches? How many entrances or exits are there? The seat officials checked them.

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In addition to the scene, the team from the seat also examined the CCTV footage of the area. The seat team also spoke with family members of the deceased. The seat team gives a notice to the family. Where Arjun Chaurasia’s mobile phone password and e-mail ID are mentioned, the family should inform the seat. Because the password is very important to know who has chatted with whom on mobile, who has made phone calls.

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The family of the deceased was asked to go to Chitpur police station at 5 pm on Sunday, according to the notice. Ananda Chaurasia, the grandfather of the deceased, said that he could not go because of the afterlife. They don’t know Arjun’s password, email. As a result, even if they take notice, they will not be able to go to the police station. But this would not have happened if the police had acted earlier.

The team also spoke to the residents of the area. The seat team also spoke to the residents of the area at the scene. After examining the CC camera footage of the car that was seen on the night of the incident, the seat team officials also talked to the factory owner. The autopsy report will be submitted to the High Court in a sealed envelope. Once that report is received, it will be possible to know how the mysterious death took place. Accordingly, the decision of which way the investigation will take will be final.

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