Khardah By Election | Kajal Sinha | BJP’s propaganda using the picture of the late Kajal Sinha in Kharada! Explosive allegations wife

#Kharadha: The BJP is using pictures of the late husband to promote the case, this time on the allegation that Sabar Kharadah is the wife of the late Trinamool leader Kajal Sinha. Nandita Sinha has also lodged a complaint with Kharadha police station to this effect.

Nandita Sinha alleged that the BJP candidate entered her house without permission and took blessings and gave a wreath in the photo. Besides, he is running his election campaign by leaving Kajal Sinha’s picture on social media. Commenting on the allegations, BJP candidate Joy Saha said, “The Kharadha Assembly by-election is for the death of the venerable Kajal Sinha. And in the Kharadha Assembly by-election campaign, I felt I should pay homage to him. No. “

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Note that Nandita Sinha wrote in her chargesheet, my husband Kajal Sinha won the assembly elections in 2021. Opposition BJP candidate Joy Saha has been campaigning with my husband’s picture without my permission. That is a disgrace to me and my family and old Kajal Sinha.

Note that Kajal Sinha is a well-known name in Kharadha. He maintained his reputation by standing in the assembly elections for the first time. Won by a large margin. But he passed away after being attacked by Corona. As a result, the by-election of Kharadha became inevitable. Meanwhile, Shobhandev Chatterjee left the seat to Mamata Banerjee to fight from Bhabanipur. It is decided that he will fight for this seat. Shovandeh Heavyweight, his height / popularity has recently increased further in the Bhabanipur incident. Besides, the death of Kajal Sinha in Kharadha has instilled more affection in the minds of the people for him. All in all, the observers are putting the grassroots ahead in this by-election. Compared to that, Joy Saha is new. Is that why the three want Kajal Sinha to tickle sentiments and get some votes in the house? The question remains.

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