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KK Death in Kolkata: Only love in the last word, God-remembrance! That’s what ‘Albida’ says to KK …


#Kolkata: Crowded Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata. A variety of light flashes in the auditorium. Keke is singing on the stage. In the middle of the song, the artist repeatedly wipes the sweat from his face and forehead with a handkerchief. He is also wearing that handkerchief on his head. More than once pouring water from a small bottle into the throat. Scenes captured on multiple videos of Nazrul Mancha musician Krishnakumar Kunnath’s (KK) live show on Tuesday (May 31). Many of those present at the event say that the artist was sweating profusely on the stage. But did you feel sick during the ceremony? Many say yes. The illness of that stage took away the life of the artist.

Various video clippings of KK’s last show on Nazrul Mancha. In it, a video has come out about the last words of KK. The song continued even after he fell ill. After finishing the song, he said, “Love you all kolkata, God bless us all …” After that Nazrul left the stage sweating.

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From the beginning of the ceremony, however, Keke was very cheerful. He stepped out from side to side of the stage. But again and again he was walking towards the handkerchief and water bottle kept on the low table at the back of the stage. The next song is to wipe the face and head and pour a little water on the throat. As seen in a video, he is going to start the song by wiping his face with a handkerchief picked up from the table, running his fingers through the hair of his head. A person on the stage from the side said in Hindi, very hot! The artist looked at him and smiled as if agreeing. Then he gestured to one of them to show the lights on the stage and said, “Turn it off.” After that the song started again. The audience present on Nazrul Mancha then got drunk on KK’s song.

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However, after his sudden death, many people have become vocal about the crowd in the theater. Many also complained that the AC of Nazrul Mancha was not working. Some people complained that there were more spectators on Nazrul Mancha than seats. Some people complained that the air conditioner in the hall was not working properly. However, some have said the opposite. According to them, it is normal to feel hot inside the hall due to the large number of spectators and high power lighting. Someone claimed that the functionality of the air conditioner could not be realized as the door of the hall was open. In the midst of such claims, the reality is, the late KK. You can’t hear that young man anymore …

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