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KK Death: The police came before the ceremony started, breaking the student’s hand too! What exactly happened on Nazrul Mancha?


#Kolkata: Late popular musician Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK). He had a singing program at Gurudas College, Ultodanga on Tuesday at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata. He felt sick at the end of the ceremony. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. He was shaking the stage just ten minutes ago. He ended each show with a song of friendship echoing his nineties. Before leaving the stage on Tuesday night, he also sang, ‘Yaro dosti bari hi hasin hai, yeh na ho to keya fir bolo yeh zindagi hai …’ Then after a while it all ended.

Despite the overcrowding at Nazrul Mancha, allegations of mismanagement have already begun to surface. Many present say that the police of Rabindra Sarobar police station came on Tuesday to handle the situation of the crowd. But the organizers complained that they did not listen to the police ban. Police objected to more than double the number of spectators, which is more than the seat capacity. At that time, he was introduced by the students as the President. It is alleged that the left arm of a student was broken during the anarchy. And one of the students probably fell into the crowd and cut off his hands and feet. Extreme chaos was created on Nazrul Mancha.

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KK performed at Behala Vivekananda College on Nazrul Mancha on Monday. On Tuesday, Nazrul Mancha performed brilliantly at the annual function of Fulbagan Gurudas College. Some people who were in charge of conducting the cake ceremony were saying that the singer was sweating profusely on the stage that day. He was also feeling a little uncomfortable. KK repeatedly asked to turn off the spotlights on the stage while performing. The discomfort in his body was noticed by many.

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It is also known that Keke was resting for a while after singing one or two songs that day. Later, however, he spoke to the students. Again he is seen in normal rhythm. But sick on the way back. Keke said goodbye to Kolkata, the city of music, the city of life. It is reported that he felt sick during the ceremony at Nazrul Mancha. Who left the stage before the scheduled time. Go back to the hotel.

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