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KK’s death, Kolkata police inspecting a five-star hotel room


#Kolkata: Late famous singer KK6 Unusual death case was filed in New Market Police Station in connection with his death. Joint CP Crime Murli Dhar Sharma and DC Central Rupesh Kumar came to inspect the spot at the five-star hotel. Forensic team and officials of Scientific Wing of Lalbazar came to the hotel. New Market Police Station was with him. Joint CP Crime Murli Dhar Sharma interrogated, DC Central was with him.

When exactly did the singer come to KK on Tuesday? Did you fall in the hotel? Where did you fall? When is the hospital? Asking about all this is omitted. Kolkata police officers examined the CCTV footage of the hotel. Joint CP Crime and DC Central arrived at 9.30 am on Wednesday. They leave after an hour. In this case, site inspection and collection of samples is very important. Cake’s body was autopsied. What is the real cause of death? How about death? If the family complains, a complaint will be filed on its basis.

Did you fall somewhere in the hotel? Forensic team and officials of Lalbazar Scientific Wing came to visit. A forensic team arrives at the scene to inspect and collect samples. After receiving the preliminary report of the autopsy, the police will take the next step. However, the question of the informed quarters, whether there was proper management at all in the Nazrul Mancha? If the family complains about it, it will be investigated. The question for those who were present at the ceremony, why so many people were allowed to enter? Who is asking to turn off the lights on the occasion? It gets so hot inside the hall, why there was no alternative arrangement? Whether the AC was working properly at all? The police officers will look into those matters. Although Madan Mitra countered, there was no mismanagement.

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Who came to the five star hotel in New Market after the Nazrul Mancha ceremony on Tuesday night? KK felt sick at the hotel. He even said to turn off the lights because he felt sick during the ceremony, a claim from the close quarters of the cake. Then he returned to the hotel. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. New Market Police Station has filed an unusual death case in that incident.

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