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KMC Digital Map: The Digital Map of the Municipality of Kolkata


Kolkata: This time the digital map of Kolkata Municipality is to give the location of what is in the ground floor of this city, where and what kind of drainage canals. Inaugurating the map, Mayor Firhad Hakim directed other departments to follow the digital map.

Digital Drainage Network Map was prepared by the Sewerage Department of Kolkata Municipality. Out of 144 wards in Kolkata, the work of drawing digital drainage network map of 60 wards has been completed, said Mayor Nikashi Tarak Singh.

The city of Calcutta has a drainage system of the British period. So far there has been no digital map of where there are drains, where there are pumping stations. The old maps had to be collected from different departments. As a result, in many cases, along with the Kolkata Pur Corporation, its affiliated companies had to face problems. This time World Wise Digital Map will match with one click.

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How many pumping stations are there in Kolkata since the map was made? Where is his location? Which canal is going to end the drainage canal – all these things can be reported.

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Through this map, it is possible to know the network of sewerage system in each ward. On the other hand, this map can be used to connect with other services of the municipality. For example, there is a deep tubewell somewhere in Kolkata. Where the water supply network is – all this can be known through this map, said Mayor Nikashi Tarak Singh.

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Ward-based health centers can be easily identified with this digital drainage network map. You can also find out where there is a park or a pond. Where is the lamp post of CESC or KMC in each ward? That too can be known.

Ward-based roads can be easily identified on this digital drainage network map. The most important aspect of this digital map is that it is easy to know where the building department and heritage houses are located with the address of each ward. Not only that, where there are illegal houses. The number of floor approval plans will also be known through this digital network.

So far, maps of 70 wards have been published on the website of Kolkata Pur Sangstha, said Mayor Nikashi Tarak Singh. After that, if new words are added or a word map is modified, it will be uploaded once a month, he said.

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