KMC Election 2021: BJP-CPIM in court, allegations of terrorism in Kolkata! All eyes are on the 23rd

#Kolkata: As feared, the BJP (Bengal BJP) has approached the Calcutta High Court alleging terrorism in the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Election 2021). Their partner is CPIM. In other words, the CPI (M) -BJP is on the verge of going to court on terrorism charges. On the same day, CPIM candidate Deblina Sarkar of Kolkata’s Ward 2 sought permission to file a case in the Calcutta High Court. The Chief Justice granted permission in the light of that application. The matter will be heard on December 23 in the Chief Justice’s Division Bench. Meanwhile, the BJP also requested to file a chargesheet with evidence. That application has also been granted by the Chief Justice. A joint hearing of the two petitions will be held on December 23.

Opposition has been vocal in allegations of vote rigging in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC Election 2021) election. On Sunday, the State Election Commission said the polls were peaceful despite unrest in scattered Kolkata on polling day. However, state opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari visited the commission’s office on Sunday night and warned that re-election would have to be held in the whole of Kolkata. But the state election commission on Monday made it clear that there would be no re-election in Kolkata. Because according to the commission, except for one or two sporadic incidents, the Kolkata vote was generally peaceful. The role of Kolkata Police has also been praised by the commission.

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Incidentally, the BJP had approached the Calcutta High Court on the demand of the central forces in the pre-poll. The BJP first filed the suit in the single bench and later in the chief justice’s bench. But both the benches rejected the BJP’s plea. However, at the same time, the Calcutta High Court said that the State Election Commission and the state government would be responsible for everything from law and order in the Kolkata polls to fair voting. This time BJP and CPIM went to court in that context.

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Meanwhile, the State Election Commission has made it clear that “there will be no re-election in any of the booths in Kolkata.” The decision was taken after the opposition, especially the BJP and the CPI (M), had scrutinized allegations of CCTV shutdown, vote-rigging and rigged voting. On Sunday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “Voting took place in a festive mood. Opponents are acting. All these allegations are baseless. The Kolkata police is the best, they have proved it again today. ‘

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