KMC Election 2021: BJP is losing ground in opposition, ‘uprising’ Left! Explained the Kolkata vote

#Kolkata: The dream was to seize power in Bengal. But in the last assembly elections, the BJP had to stop at only 6 seats dreaming of 200 seats. Not only that, in the few by-elections that have taken place since then, the Gerua camp has been defeated by the grassroots. Despite this, the main opposition in Bengal is now the BJP. There is now no Left or Congress representative in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. But is the BJP gradually losing its place in the opposition? The Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Election 2021) raised that question sharply. And it showed that the Left is reviving in the opposition seats.

In this year’s municipal election, Kolkata is practically a green storm. The ruling party of the state has won in 134 wards. The BJP, however, is in second place in terms of number of seats. They hold 3 seats. Independent candidates have also won in three wards. The Left and the Congress got two seats each. But it has been seen that in many wards of Kolkata, leftists are in the second place.

According to statistics, the leftists are in second place in that constituency of Kolkata. The BJP is in second place in 48 wards, the Congress is in second place in 18 seats and the independent candidates are in second place in five wards. Part of the political establishment is saying that there is a real resurgence of the Left. Which was somewhat similar in the last by-elections. The BJP, however, is still alleging terrorism. However, Meena Devi Purohit won a double hat trick in Ward No. 22, Vijay Ojha won in Ward No. 23 and Sajal Ghosh won in Ward No. 50. Meanwhile, Nandita Roy has won in Ward No. 103 for the Left and Madhuchanda Deb has won in Ward No. 92 for CPI. Santosh Pathak of Ward No. 45 and Wasim Ansari of Ward No. 138 relied on the Congress.

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Incidentally, the BJP could not field candidates in 144 wards in the Kolkata Purnigam elections. Realizing the reality, the state’s opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari had set a target of winning only 10 seats in front of the party’s candidates. The target set by a party leader to win such a small number of seats in the run-up to an election came as a surprise to the state’s political elite. The BJP actually lost land in the city of Kolkata. In 2015, Gerua Shibir won 6 seats. This time they have come down to half. They have won in only 3 wards.

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In that sense, it is the Left, not the Congress, that is in second place in almost two-thirds of the city’s wards. The BJP has moved to third place there. And this picture is becoming a concern for the BJP. They are gradually losing land. And in Corona-Kale, the Red Volunteers are constantly on the side of the people.

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