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#Kolkata: BJP (KMC Election 2021 | BJP) looking at the verdict in the High Court case on Monday. According to political circles, the BJP relies on that court (KMC Election 2021 | BJP) to be relevant in the Kolkata polls. After the pre-vote meeting on Thursday, Shuvendu Adhikari said, ‘We will wait till December 4. I will take the next step after seeing the verdict of the case in the High Court. The BJP (KMC Election 2021 | BJP) has gone to court to demand that all the state polls be held together. At the last hearing of the case, the Chief Justice of the High Court asked the state government and the commission to state three issues with an affidavit. Subject 1- What is the plan of the commission regarding the deployment of forces in the pre-poll? What is the commission thinking about this? The state and the commission will have to reassure the court on this question in the High Court next Monday. According to observers, the state has already informed the court that all arrears in the state will be settled by April next year. The state may inform the court on Monday with the preliminary outline affidavit in the matter in consultation with the commission. However, since the BJP has used the issue of central forces as a political tool, there are doubts as to how soft the state will be on the issue of law and order. However, if the court gives a compromise in this regard, the state can accept it in soft heat. However, the commission sources said that there is no opportunity to consider the issue of counting together with the rest of the municipalities.

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On Thursday, Governor Dhankhar summoned State Election Commissioner Sourav Das to the Raj Bhavan and reminded him of his constitutional powers. The governor later tweeted that the commissioner would inform him of his plans for the force next Monday. However, an official of the commission said, “He is the constitutional head. Called so the commissioner met. We will tell the court what to say. The BJP is not doing anything wrong in trying to block the vote even before the pre-poll announcement. First, the BJP went to court saying that all the arrears of the state, including Kolkata, should be held together. However, the BJP rushed to block the Howrah Corporation vote, realizing that the Kolkata pre-poll could not be blocked. The BJP state president had publicly stated, “The state will not allow the Howrah Corporation to vote as it wants.” The BJP has gone to Raj Bhavan seeking grievances and the governor’s intervention in the matter.

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After that the governor became vocal about the Howrah Corporation Amendment Bill. If the bill does not get the approval of the governor within the stipulated time, the state and the commission will announce the pre-vote in Kolkata by postponing the voting of Howrah Corporation for the time being. According to political circles, the BJP’s intention was to use the palace to legally destabilize the state. Politically, they are playing the same card in the Howrah Corporation vote, which is practically blocked by the BJP. But the BJP is questioning the impartiality of the commission, including the central forces, as there is no opportunity to block the Calcutta Corporation’s vote in a straight line. However, realizing that the verdict is not likely to be in their favor in the court on Monday, the BJP wants to be relevant in the Kolkata polls by announcing the movement politically in advance.

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