KMC Election 2021: Both faces rely on BJP, will Sajal-Meena Devi be ‘exceptional’ in the end?

#Kolkata: Voting for the Kolkata Pur Election (KMC Election 2021) took place on Sunday. Today the results are announced. The countdown has already begun. The counting of votes has started from 8 am. Opposition groups called the vote a farce. They also complained that Deda had cast his vote. And from the beginning of the count, this time the grassroots storm again in the pre-vote. The Trinamool is already leading in more than 100 seats. The opposition BJP is ahead in three seats. The Left has two seats, the Congress two and the others one seat ahead.

Meena Devi Purohit from Ward No. 22 and Sajal Ghosh from Ward No. 50 are leading the BJP. In fact, the Gerua camp hoped to win with these two candidates. The results are moving in that direction. However, they are lagging behind in the rest of the seats.

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Meanwhile, former Kolkata mayor Firhad Hakim visited Mamata Banerjee’s house this morning. How optimistic is he about winning? Firhad’s clear answer is, ” Not winning, the big issue for me is how many people in my ward are supporting me. I’m not worried about winning. “

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Meanwhile, Rasbihari MLA Debashis Kumar is contesting from ward no. This Trinamool candidate is already ahead. Mala Roy is also ahead by a huge margin. He is the Trinamool candidate of ward no. Leading is BJP candidate Meena Devi Purohit. He is the candidate of ward no. Meena Devi Purohit also won from that seat in 2015. Jadavpur MLA Debabrata Majumder is contesting in ward no. 96 of Kolkata municipality. This grassroots candidate is already ahead in that ward.

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