KMC Election 2021: ‘Party’s candidate’ against Trinamool in 3 wards of Kolkata! Embarrassment is growing in the grass

#Kolkata: The decision of the party with the candidate is final. Earlier, the party’s state president Subrata Boxi had warned. He was sitting next to Perth Chatterjee, Firhad Hakim and Debashish Kumar at the Vijaya Sammelan in South Kolkata. And after the presentation of the nomination phase, it was seen that a disagreement was formed with the candidate in South Kolkata. As a result, Tanima Chattopadhyay, Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay and Ratan Malakar are now in the spotlight. All eyes will be on the party to withdraw the nomination of these three? Or the fight will continue as a peg candidate in wards 7, 82 and 63.

Therefore, a situation of civil war has been created in ward number 62,63,6 of Calcutta Municipality. Incidentally, the party’s state president Subrata Boxi had kind of warned that if you protest without getting a ticket, you have to be politically isolated. So those who do not get tickets should accept the decision of the team. But that is not the case with these three wards.

The last day for withdrawal of nomination papers is next Saturday, December 4. It remains to be seen whether the party’s top leaders will be able to withdraw their nomination papers by defaming the three disgruntled candidates. Otherwise, the political circles think that the matter will be quite uncomfortable. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee’s house is in ward 63 of Kolkata municipality. The party has not nominated Ratan Malakar, the outgoing councilor of the ward. Instead, the ticket was given to Mamata Banerjee’s brother Kartik Banerjee’s wife Kazri Banerjee.

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After being a Trinamool councilor of Ward No. 63 for a long time, this time Ratan Malakar, frustrated by not getting a ticket, submitted his nomination as a straight party in his Ward No. 63. He said there was no possibility of withdrawing the nomination. And Kartik Bandopadhyay said, people are watching everything. The political battle that must take place. On the other hand, Sachchidananda Bandyopadhyay, another former Trinamool councilor, has filed his nomination as an independent against the party candidate in another ward under Bhabanipur assembly constituency. When Shovon Chatterjee was the mayor, Sachchidananda Banerjee was made the chairman by the Trinamool Congress in 2010-2015. That ‘Manuya’da has submitted his nomination as an independent candidate in Ward No. 72 this time. Sandeep Ranjan Boxi, the brother of the party’s state president and the outgoing councilor of ward no.

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Ratan Malakar and Sachchidananda Bandopadhyay did not get tickets. But even after announcing her name as a candidate in Ward No. 8, Tanima Chattopadhyay’s name has been dropped. The Trinamool Congress gave the ticket to the outgoing councilor Sudarshan Mukherjee replacing the party’s announced candidate Tanima Chattopadhyay on the 28th. On the last day of submission of nominations, Sudarshana submitted her nomination in Ward No. 8 on the ticket of Trinamool Congress. Meanwhile, Tanima Chattopadhyay, sister of the late Subrata Mukherjee, who was the first candidate in this ward, went against the party’s decision and submitted her nomination as an independent candidate from that ward.

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