KMC Election: When is the pre-poll in Kolkata? After the speculation, the Election Commission issued a notification!

#Kolkata: Kolkata KMC Election is going to be held on 19th December. And the count is December 21. The State Election Commission issued a notification regarding the pre-vote. The announcement of the schedule was stuck in legal complications. But if you want to vote on December 19, you have to publish the notification on Thursday. That is why the notification was issued on the same day. According to the State Election Commission, the State Election Commissioner will hold a press conference at 12 noon today. The schedule for the Kolkata municipal elections will be published there.

The state wanted to hold polls in Kolkata and Howrah on December 19. But the BJP went to court demanding that all the municipalities vote together. There, the state election commission said, they are seeking pre-vote in the state on several occasions. According to the commission, 112 municipalities have expired at the moment. It is not possible to get these 112 municipalities to vote together. Because the EVM stock is not in the hands of the State Election Commission to do all the votes together. Therefore, the State Election Commission wants to hold a referendum in more than one phase.

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Incidentally, on behalf of the state BJP, vice-president Pratap Bandyopadhyay filed a public interest litigation requesting all the municipalities to vote together. In that case, the State Election Commission informed the High Court of its limitations with an affidavit. In other words, what the BJP wanted – it is not possible to hold a referendum in the state at once. The hearing in the case has been fixed for next Monday.

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In the meantime, the state has informed the High Court with an affidavit that the state will go to the polls in multiple phases following the path shown by the Election Commission. The first round of voting was proposed on 19 December. On that day, the state government wanted the votes of the entire corporation of Calcutta and Howrah. But as the governor seeks a new interpretation of the bill, there is uncertainty about the Howrah referendum. Therefore, for the time being, the Commission has issued a notification with the Calcutta pre-vote. In that sense, the code of conduct started in Calcutta from today. Nomination can also be started from this day.

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