#Kolkata: As the election of Kolkata Corporation (KMC Elections 2021) is approaching, the heat of election is increasing in every ward. There are several delegates who are very comfortable in terms of their work and acquaintances. They belong to any party. Preaching from 8 in the morning. Some people are preaching again in the afternoon. On Saturday evening, Sunita Jharke, a BJP councilor from Ward No. 42, was seen campaigning in houses and shops near Rabindra Sarani.

During the election campaign, people of all religions were seen approaching Sunita Devi. Her acquaintance in the area was among the people. Sunita Jhawar won for the first time in 1995. He was still winning against BJP. It is 2021. If he had gone this time, he would have been elected as a councilor six times in total.

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Sunita Devi said that in both panchayats and municipalities, people choose the local representative as their choice. As a result, the selectors won him through the right election. Sunita Jhawar will win again. She is campaigning from morning to afternoon with that confidence.

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Many say he has an office on Mahatma Gandhi Road. He sits in that office from one to four in the afternoon, every day. If for some reason he does not stay. If you leave with the necessary paper or something, go and see the next day, he is done. 25-year-old councilor Sunita Jhawar is still walking towards the front. In the evening, when she came with only two of them, she stood up. Slowly everything became like a procession. Everyone kept chanting slogans leaving Sunita in front. And kept promising to win.

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