KMC Elections 2021: Armed forces in all booths-CCTV, Benazir’s strictures in Kolkata

#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Elections (KMC Elections 2021) started from 8 am on Sunday. People stood in line before seven in the morning. Selection is done with the help of EVM. Counting of votes in Kolkata on Tuesday, December 21. Today, Sunday is voting in a total of 144 wards of 18 boroughs. The total number of booths is 4,959. CCTV had to be installed in all booths in Kolkata pre-poll as per the order of Calcutta High Court. As a result, this time Benazir’s image is in Kolkata, albeit a little in terms of pre-poll. The State Election Commission has provided CCTV in all the booths. Apart from CCTV, armed forces are also present in all the booths.

Trinamool came to power for the third time in the state after getting huge seats in the last assembly elections. And dreaming of 200 seats, BJP had to stop in only 6 seats. The Geruya camp has been defeated in the by-elections that have taken place in the state since the assembly elections. In this situation, the BJP approached the single and division bench of the Calcutta High Court on the demand of the central forces in the Calcutta pre-poll. But in both benches, the court relied on the state police.

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The ruling party Trinamool, however, is confident of monopolizing the Calcutta Municipality by relying solely on development. In this case, Ghasful Shibir is hopeful that this time they will also print the result of the last pre-poll in 2015. Trinamool alone won 114 seats in the 2015 Kolkata polls. In 2015, BJP got only 6 seats. Even though the percentage of votes in the state has increased a lot, the political circles are of the opinion that they are not in a position to get too many seats in the Calcutta Municipality.

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On the other hand, in 2015, the Left got 15 seats. Congress got 5 seats. Others got 3 seats in the last Calcutta pre-poll. All in all, the state politics activists are looking at whether there will be another green storm in this pre-poll.

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