KMC Elections 2021 | BJP Supreme Court: BJP in the Supreme Court

#Kolkata: The state BJP (KMC Elections 2021 | BJP Supreme Court) is going to go to the Supreme Court with the Central Force application in the Kolkata pre-poll. The state BJP (KMC Elections 2021 | BJP Supreme Court) is going to the Supreme Court seeking a speedy hearing. The BJP is going to the Supreme Court challenging the order of the High Court. The BJP is seeking an emergency hearing on Saturday (KMC Elections 2021 | BJP Supreme Court). After a lengthy hearing on Friday, the division bench of the Calcutta High Court also rejected the BJP’s plea for a preliminary vote. After that, the state BJP decided to file an urgent hearing in the Supreme Court. They will apply to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

The single bench of the High Court had earlier rejected the BJP’s appeal against the central government in the by-elections. The BJP went to the division bench challenging that directive. But on Friday, the court rejected the claim and issued an interim order at night. The High Court has made it clear that the court has confidence in the security of the pre-poll over the police. However, the High Court will keep a close eye on the pre-vote. The court advised the commission to vote with extra responsibility.

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On this day, the BJP’s lawyer questioned the central forces, citing the post-poll violence. He said, ‘BJP activist Abhijit Sarkar was killed in Kolkata. Terror has been rampant in the state since May 3. Homes have been set on fire, and murders and rapes continue to occur. I can’t trust the state police. Candidates are being intimidated. The campaign is being obstructed. Central forces are needed to protect the voters.

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Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court Prakash Srivastava has reprimanded the State Election Commission (SEC) for failing to provide accurate information about the force in the pre-poll polls in Kolkata on Friday. He asked the lawyer of the commission, “What arrangements have you made for the voters if they do not come forward to vote after seeing the situation of the last election?” A spokesman for the commission said a large number of armed police had been deployed. A little more than 10 thousand. But the court was not satisfied with the reply of the commission.

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