KMC Elections 2021: Central forces on the way to Kolkata, but not in the polls? BJP looking at the direction of the night

#Kolkata: A single bench of the Calcutta High Court has rejected the BJP’s demand for a Central Force in the Kolkata Municipal Election. Reliance has been placed on the state police to conduct the by-elections. After that, however, the BJP has applied to the division bench of the Chief Justice of the High Court. At the hearing of the case on Friday, the BJP’s lawyer claimed, “The post-poll unrest is still going on. If BJP candidates in 142 centers are in the ruling party In the face of threats, then think of the situation of the voters. ” Not only that, to boost the morale of the voters, the center has proposed to conduct a route march with the central forces. A division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Justice Rajarshi Bharadwaj agreed to the proposal. In Kolkata, the High Court wants route marches and area domination of the central forces to boost the morale of the voters. However, they will not be in the voting process. After that, the division bench of the chief justice said that the order will be given tonight, otherwise the order will be uploaded on the High Court website tomorrow morning. However, the case is not being disposed of by the Chief Justice’s Division Bench. The next hearing will be on December 23. As a result, the BJP is currently looking at the directive on whether there will be a central force in the direct pre-poll.

The BJP’s lawyer alleged that the state had assured security in the 2016 panchayat elections. But we all know what happened in that panchayat election. So the BJP has no confidence in the assurance of the state. Every day cases are being filed in the High Court. Political activists are not being allowed to enter anywhere even after the court order.

On this day, the division bench of the High Court asked the commission, what should the commission do if the voters are afraid to go to the polls from their previous experience? What steps has the commission taken to build the confidence of the voters to go to the polls? How many police are deployed? Where is the detailed information of the commission? The Commission does not take these issues seriously, as it does not have accurate statistics on the confidence of veterans deployed by the police.

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The commission, however, countered that if additional troops were needed, it would be sought from the state. However, the court countered that if there was a need to provide central forces in some places, would the state agree to it? Although he was opposed by the state. The state argues that in the context of this case, the Central Forces cannot be instructed, but in the case of public interest litigation.

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After that, the ASG of the center countered that the central forces were ready to come down as soon as the High Court gave the order. The central forces will march route to cut the atmosphere of fear. Central forces will not be involved in the direct voting process. However, the central forces will have the power to act in accordance with the law. Then the Chief Justice wants to know from the Commission, how will the Commission look at this proposal? The commission said, “If we need additional troops, the commission will take action on time based on discussions with the state.” As a result, Banga BJP is looking at the instructions on Friday night or tomorrow morning.

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