KMC Elections 2021: Court votes, lawyers in Kolkata

#Kolkata: Vote from the court. He has been fighting in court for so long. This time the fight is in the vote. This time also lawyers in the fight of Kolkata pre-election (KMC Elections 2021). Trinamool Congress lawyer candidate Ayon Chakraborty. This time from the familiar environment of the court to the pre-voting ground. From legal battle to vote fight. Trinamool candidate of Ward No. 26 of Maniktala-Rajabazar area. Familiar faces in the area. For the first time in the voting war. My contact with politics is long. However, this is the first time that a candidate in a full-fledged election has been able to communicate more closely with the people. Although the lawyer’s career was disrupted a bit when he went to the polls, his colleagues are managing. Said Ayan Chakraborty of Trinamool.

Brajesh Jha. Lawyer by profession. Studying law from Chunchura Mohsin College. Now it is a matter of practice in the High Court. Brajesh Jha is one of the soldiers in the legal battle of BJP at different times. This time he is the candidate of Padma Shibir. BJP candidate from Ward No. 6 of Bagbazar area. Brajesh is also in the fray for the first time. In his words, ‘I thought I would serve the people from behind the scenes. My loved ones told me to be a candidate. I forgot to eat nawa and went down to the polls’. Arkaranjan Bhattacharya. Inio is also a lawyer by profession. Arkaranjan, the nephew of Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, a leftist leader and Dundee lawyer. Surendranath joined politics from the time he was studying in Law College. Young face Arkaranjan is also in the fight for the first time since the court battle. CPIM candidate of ward 63 in Kalighat area.

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Arkaranjan Bhattacharya, a 26-year-old Red Volunteers lawyer, told News Eighteen Bangla: “I was actively involved in the Left student movement and the youth movement. But yes, I never thought I would run in the by-elections. When the team trusts me, I will succeed in the full battle. In politics, counter-argument is very necessary. There are many benefits to being a law student in this place. Uncle Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya also welcomed my new path. Said Arkaranjan.

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Shampa Ghosh. He is also a lawyer by profession. Questions and answers from the High Court to the Supreme Court. This is the familiar environment for Shampa Ghosh. He is also in the polls this time. Congress candidate in ward 93 of Jodhpur Park area. First-time voting candidate. Shampa Ghosh is optimistic about winning as soon as he enters the field. In an interview, Shampa Ghosh said, ‘Citizens of Kolkata are still neglecting the full service. From slum dwellers to ordinary citizens. No one is good. I lost or won the vote. I will always be by the side of people ‘. Four lawyers-candidates in four parties. Instead of a legal battle, now a vote fight. However, not only these four candidates, but also 15 lawyers from all political camps have been nominated in the Kolkata Pur polls. Everyone has been busy preaching since morning. Public relations with people as well as frequent meetings with activist supporters. Lawyers accustomed to answering legal questions today are in a new battleground. I will succeed. Everyone says.

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